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TSC Color Calibration Card + The world's first cloud color calibration system = A no color distortion image!
Canon 5D Mark II +TSC software (Click to enlarge) 2010 Exop Shanghai
Our digital photogrammetric lab

The intelligent laboratory which has applied for 10 patents.

We provide the most authoritative digital measurement service.

TSC shape calibration techniques

The PINGAN IFC. Building pictures synthesis by 22 and 21 million pixel photos.

No shape distortion image is calibrated by TSC software.

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Address:Rm.402,Building C, No.99 Ren Ai Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
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About Us
About us

Time & Space color management system, is the whole process of color calibration and management which is from photography, scanning, data acquisition, and to print. It is the world's first automatic color calibration system. We hope to build this system into new international standards of color calibration, which may replace the former WB, ICC curve etc., an ideal method for color calibration. We have developed a special chip for color calibration; it can be widely used in each monitor, camera, scanner, projectors, printers and presses.

World class scientists

Our members are masters and PhDs mainly from the UK Cambridge, UCL, USA怀Yale University and other world-class universities. Well educated team, has laid a good foundation for our research and development of the world-class products. The core member of the team has become the technology development partner of Britain's Ordnance Survey(the UK mapping agency).

World-class equipment as our great support

Sweden Hasselblad's high-end digital cameras with four time exposures technology

Germany Profoto Lighting system
Advanced 3D workstations
High-fidelity color workstation
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